Sabrina + Jeremy | An Urban Landscape Shoot

The colour that immediately pops to mind for me when I think of ‘Winter’ is grey and one of my favourite ‘grey’ things is concrete: bare, exposed concrete used in urban landscapes. And I love shooting people and couples around concrete. It provides me with a lovely contrast of hard, gritty, cold, grey lines against the warm and soft and colourful and full-of-love people.

So when Sabrina and Jeremy said yes to the idea of an Auckland CBD shoot, it got me super-excited. And it meant that we were all in the comfort zone of everyday life, in the heart of the city. Sabrina and Jeremy with their exquisite fashion sense were dressed for the part.

Looking at the final set of photos, I am glad that we had this shoot where and when we did. An amazing experience!

Lead Photographer: Nesh Soni

One By Infinity-Wedding-Photographers-Auckland_0001One By Infinity-Wedding-Photographers-Auckland_0002One By Infinity-Wedding-Photographers-Auckland_0003One By Infinity-Wedding-Photographers-Auckland_0004One By Infinity-Wedding-Photographers-Auckland_0006One By Infinity-Wedding-Photographers-Auckland_0007One By Infinity-Wedding-Photographers-Auckland_0008One By Infinity-Wedding-Photographers-Auckland_0009One By Infinity-Wedding-Photographers-Auckland_0010One By Infinity-Wedding-Photographers-Auckland_0011One By Infinity-Wedding-Photographers-Auckland_0012One By Infinity-Wedding-Photographers-Auckland_0013One By Infinity-Wedding-Photographers-Auckland_0014One By Infinity-Wedding-Photographers-Auckland_0015One By Infinity-Wedding-Photographers-Auckland_0016One By Infinity-Wedding-Photographers-Auckland_0017One By Infinity-Wedding-Photographers-Auckland_0018One By Infinity-Wedding-Photographers-Auckland_0019One By Infinity-Wedding-Photographers-Auckland_0020One By Infinity-Wedding-Photographers-Auckland_0021One By Infinity-Wedding-Photographers-Auckland_0022One By Infinity-Wedding-Photographers-Auckland_0023One By Infinity-Wedding-Photographers-Auckland_0024One By Infinity-Wedding-Photographers-Auckland_0025

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