Charlotte + Deepesh

A Wellington Wedding

Most wedding photographers and videographers (or us at One By Infinity, anyway) love narrating love stories and those stories are even more attractive when the main protagonists in the story are emotive, full of life and comfortable expressing in the presence of a camera. This is exactly how we saw Charlotte and Deepesh.

Deepesh was one of my first friends in New Zealand and his quirky sense of humour had always gotten me rolling with laughter. So when he and Charlotte asked me if One By Infinity could be their wedding photographers and videographers, I was on board straight away.

Their wedding was in our own little windy-city, Wellington in a picturesque venue, The Boat Shed. True to their nature, the entire day was very chilled-out with lots of quirky little jokes and genuinely warm emotions in equal measure. Not to forget, Deepesh’s younger brother, made the most embarrassingly inappropriately funny speech we’ve ever heard in a wedding that included phrases like “my introduction to porn…” Needless to say, stunned laughter ensued at large at their reception. It’s often these imperfections that are most memorable at weddings and that is why we tell all our clients, go ahead plan your day to the hilt, but then let go and sit back and enjoy it all.

The People:

Lead Photographer | Nesh
Lead Cinematographer | Joe


The Boat Shed, Wellington
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