Roshni came to us with an interesting request: she wanted an epic and glamorous save-the-date film showcasing New Zealand. She had been recently engaged to Akarsh who was from the UK and they were soon going to have a beautiful wedding in India.

So we put a plan together: slow-motion epic-ness aided with a beautiful red flowing dress for Roshni at a beautiful west Auckland beach with props to suit the look. Of course add some drone shots and en epic soundtrack and Voilà!  The waves crashing behind them looked so awesome.

Roshni sent us a message after watching the film sixteen times in about thirty-five minutes that she doesn’t just like the video but she absolutely LOVES it! And there’s no better compliment than that 🙂 Have a look below.


Auckland, New Zealand

The People:

Cinematography | Padma, Ting, Litu
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