Five Tips to Help Plan Your Engagement Photo Shoot

Five Tips to Help Plan Your Engagement Photo Shoot

Nesh Soni

I popped THE question to the most beautiful woman about two years ago and all of a sudden, just like that, we were ENGAGED! Usually, once a couple is engaged, the massive expedition of wedding planning self-starts. And so it did for us as well.

Since I am a wedding photographer, all things photography, were my department. I have shot a fair few engagements and my experience has taught me that an engagement photo shoot is always a good idea. One, it helps you get used to the camera. Two, it helps break the ice with your wedding photographer and not to mention that you can frolic in the rain without worrying about your wedding-day designer lehenga.

Divya, my wife, has an amazing eye for detail. So she coupled that with some inspiration from Pinterest and suggested an awesome idea for our engagement photo shoot. Playing with colour powders! As you can imagine, it was a bucket-load of fun on the day. And as can be seen, the icing on the cake was that the resulting photos were absolutely stunning! We now have a big framed photo from the shoot in our living room.

Furthermore, we used our photos from the shoot to design some beautiful customised stationery for our wedding. But that’s a story for another time!

To get you started with planning your engagement photo shoot, here are some points to consider:

#1  Personalize

Firstly, it is important that your engagement photos reflect your love and chemistry as a couple. This may sound daunting but it doesn’t have to be very complicated. Is there a location that is special to you both? Also, is there a particular outdoor activity that you guys love doing together? Urban or Country? Even one of the above answers can be enough to give your shoot your own personal shade.

#2  Research

Together with personalising, a little bit of your own research can go a long way. Check older blog posts of engagements from your photographer. See if you like something in particular from their blog feed. This is the safest way of ensuring that you get photos you will love. On the other hand, a more high-risk-high-reward approach is creating a mood-board using something like Pinterest. It is more risky because your photographer may or may-not see eye-to-eye with the style or aesthetic you may have chosen.

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#3  Attention to Detail

If you are creating a mood-board, the devil is in the detail. When you have collected a few photos, you can start analysing your collection. Ask questions such as, what is the couple wearing in most of your inspirations? Similarly, is there a consistent thread to the time of day in your inspirations? What are the over arching colours? Or are most photos black and white? Answers to such questions will help you and your photographer understand your direction. On a side note, if all your reference images feature beautiful sunsets, you may want to have a plan-B for a cloudy evening.

#4  Or Just Enjoy the Ride

Conversely, if you all this planning seems too overwhelming, simply ask your photographer to suggest some ideas. We photographers are always planning our next shoot in our heads.

#5  Dress with Context

Finally, a point that is often overlooked is the attire. Generally speaking, it’s good to consider the location, activity and the feel of the shoot. To clarify this point, let us consider an example: a casual beach shoot. Let’s say you both love some rough and tumble in the sand. For such a shoot, you could wear what you’d normally wear to a day with friends at the beach. Let’s alter our example a bit: let’s change the ‘ casual’ to an ‘epic’ beach shoot. In this scenario you could choose to make a statement and wear a bold coloured flowing gown with a trail. So you can see how dressing to context is particularly important.

These are just some tips to start you off. I am confident that these will make your life more exciting when it comes to planning your engagement photo shoot.  You can check out some of my favourite engagement shoots on the One By Infinity page.

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Nesh Soni

Nesh is an award-winning destination
wedding photographer at One By Infinity.

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